Begins with the letter:
Title Format Country Volumes State
07-Ghost Manga France 17 Completed
12 ans Manga France 14 Ongoing
12 sai.12歳。 Manga Japan 15 Ongoing
12-sai.12歳。 Light novel Japan 6 Ongoing
20th Century Boys Manga France 12 Completed
2nd love ~Once upon a lie~ Manga France 5 Ongoing
3 gatsu no Lion3月のライオン Manga Japan 14 Ongoing
3×3 Eyes Manga France 40 Completed
3×3 Eyes Manga France 10 Editor closed
3×3 EYES ~Genjū no Mori no Sōnansha~~幻獣の森の遭難者~ Manga Japan 4 Completed
7 milliards d'aiguilles Manga France 4 Completed
70 Oku no Hari70億の針 Manga Japan 4 Completed
7thGARDENSeventh Garden Manga France 8 Ongoing
7thGARDEN7thGARDEN (セブンスガーデン) Manga Japan 8 Ongoing
A Certain Magical Index Manga France 20 Ongoing
A certain magical Index Light novel France 1 Ongoing
A Silent Voice Manga France 7 Completed
À vos papilles ~Voyage culinaire en Corée~ Manhwa France 2 Completed
Aa! Megami-samaああっ女神さまっ Manga Japan 48 Completed
Abara Manga France 2 Completed
Abenobashi ~Magical☆Shopping Street~ Manga France 1 Completed
Absolute Duoアブソリュート・デュオ Light novel Japan 9 Ongoing
L'Académie Alice Manga France 31 Completed
Accel World Manga France 8 Ongoing
Adekan Manga France 9 Ongoing
Adekan Manga Germany 8 Ongoing
Adekan艶漢 (アデカン) Manga Japan 12 Ongoing
Afterschool Charisma Manga France 12 Completed
Ah! My Goddess Manga France 47 Ongoing
Ah! My Goddess Manga France 10 Editor closed
Aho-Girlアホガール Manga Japan 12 Completed
AI non-stop! ~AI ga tomaranai~ Manga France 8 Completed
Ajin ~Semi-Humain~ Manga France 12 Ongoing
Ajin亜人 Manga Japan 13 Ongoing
Akagami no Shirayuki-hime赤髪の白雪姫 Manga Japan 20 Ongoing
Akatsuki no Yona (あかつき)のヨナ Manga Japan 29 Ongoing
AKB49 ~Ren'ai Kinshi Jōrei~AKB49〜恋愛禁止条例〜 Manga Japan 29 Completed
Akita Imokko! Ebina-chan秋田 (あきたいもっこ)! えびなちゃん Manga Japan 2 Ongoing
Akuma to Love Song Manga France 13 Completed
Alice 19th Manga France 7 Completed
Alice in borderland Manga France 17 Ongoing
Alice in Mechaland Manhua France 1 Completed
Alice in Murderland Manga France 10 Ongoing
Alice to Zōrokuアリスと蔵六 Manga Japan 8 Ongoing
Alicia-san no Diet Quest ~Alicia's Diet Quest~アリシアさんのダイエットクエスト~Alicia's Diet Quest~ Manga Japan 3 Ongoing
alien 9 Manga France 3 Completed
Alien Nineエイリアン9 Manga Japan 3 Completed
All You Need is Kill Light novel France 1 Completed
All You Need Is Kill Manga France 2 Completed
Alphas ~Zetman Another Story~ Light novel France 1 Completed